From installation to training and every step in between, Prime Technologies provides the full-service support you need to jumpstart your new
Fluke DPCTrack2 calibration management software.

{slide=Can DPCTrack2 be used on an enterprise level as well as by a single user?|closed|}

DPCTRack2 is designed for small sites or single user requirements. ProCalV5 should be selected for large user network or enterprise requirements.

{slide=Can DPCTrack2 be integrated with other software systems already in place (i.e. CMMS, Document Management, SAP, etc.)?|closed|}

No, but ProCalV5 offers integration options. Contact [insert phone number] at Prime Technologies to discuss your specific requirements.

{slide=Is the DPCTrack2 Calibration Management Solution 21 CFR – Part 11Compliant?|closed|}

No, but ProCalV5 software and off-line mobile workstations are fully compliant.

{slide=What support services are offered?|closed|}

On-site Admin & User training at your location(s) or at our facility (West Chester, PA)?Configuration and Work Flow Specific Consulting
Real time technical support; talk to a person!?Full Project Management,?Installation / On-Site Technical Assistance?Custom Report Creation?Mapping and Data Migration Planning?Validation Services?Technical Document Development
Standard Operating Procedures?Custom Software Development
Plant Surveys
Master Record Creation
Instrument Calibration Support

{slide=Does DPCTrack2 provide Access Level Security by User? By Group? Are User Group Access Levels customizable?|closed|}

DPCTrack2 provides User Access security on an individual user basis associated with three predefined User Groups.  Administrators can configure limited user rights as no access, read only, add/modify or delete.

{slide=Does DPCTrack2 support hierarchical relationships between equipment, instruments, loops?|closed|}

The DPCTrack2 application allows the user to build an unlimited number and variety of hierarchical relationships within the system involving equipment, instruments, loops.

{slide=Can I transfer my existing Calibration Data into DPCTrack2?|closed|}

DPCTrack users that purchase DPCTrack2 software receive a Data Conversion Utility for migrating existing databases information. Users of other software programs can utilize our Data Migration Services to map data and historical records from any legacy system(s) into DPCTrack2. Services range from simple Conversion Program Development to a complete effort including a Data Migration Plan, Requirements Development, Conversion Program Development, Execution and Data Verification for Validation purposes. Contact Prime Technologies for further information.

{slide=Can I use DPCTrack2 to automatically schedule my calibration events?|closed|}

Yes. Many DPCTrack2 users begin by implementing the Automatic Scheduling capabilities of DPCTrack2 and bring in more advanced functionality as they become comfortable with an automated calibration workflow.

{slide=Will DPCTrack2 track ‘As-Found’ and ‘As-Left’ data?|closed|}

DPCTrack2 Calibration Management capabilities begin with tracking basic ‘As-Found’ and ‘As-Left’ data and advance to automatic Out of Tolerance calculations. Tracking Vendors, Manufacturers and Installation data for the Instrument, and Test Instrument, alerts, queries, running reports and more are all available with the standard application.

{slide=Can I reference my existing and/or new SOP’s to my calibration records in DPCTrack2?|closed|}

SOP’s and other documents can be tracked, referenced to and accessed from any Item record within DPCTrack2.

{slide=Can I get DPCTrack2 to provide forms & reports that look like my existing forms & reports?|closed|}

DPCTrack2 utilizes Seagate Crystal Reports to generate our extensive repertoire of Standard Reports.  We routinely develop custom reports for our clients. If you optionally purchase Crystal Reports, you can modify those provided and build your own.

{slide=Which documenting calibrators are supported by DPCtrack2?|closed|}

Currently, DPCtrack2 supports Fluke – 743B, 744, 753, 754

{slide=How can I get my organization trained to implement and use DPCTrack2?|closed|}

Prime Technologies provides complete training either at your facility, in our training facility or via online web-training. Seminars are structured to accommodate your business objectives.  For questions or pricing, please contact [insert phone number} at Prime Technologies.

{slide=What type of instrumentation will DPCTrack2 manage?|closed|}

The flexible design of DPCTrack2 allows you to manage just about any type of instrumentation! Examples are process controls, analytical and laboratory devices, test and measurement standards and much more. These features are explained in greater detail in the video demonstrations on this site.

{slide=Is the DPCTrack2 software recognized by the FDA?|closed|}

For FDA compliance, ProCalV5 is recommended.  Many ProCalV5 systems have been successfully audited by the FDA.