Our calibration experts are here for you

From installation to training and every step in between, Prime Technologies provides the full-service support you need to jumpstart your new Fluke DPCTrack2 calibration management software.

Prime Technologies seamlessly migrates your data from most legacy systems and can help with DPC/Track database migration issues. Services range from simple Conversion Program Development to a complete effort including a Data Migration Plan, Requirements Development, Conversion Program Development, Execution and Data Verification for Validation Purposes.

Data Migration

Prime Technologies specialists are available to perform on-site or remote installation of DPCTrack2 and ProCalV5 to meet any IT department requirements.


With varying user needs, today’s complex QA regulations, software implementation and validation can often be time-consuming. Our thorough, documented, internal testing practices and experienced Prime Technologies deployment experts guarantee a fast go-live schedule and complete project success.

You can rely on our experience staff to assist with any and all aspects of your deployment needs.  We routinely offer project plans, documentation, consultation and subject matter experts who are thoroughly knowledgeable with FDA, ISO and other quality regulatory requirements.


Rely on Prime Technologies’ configuration experts’ years of experience to easily set up your DPCTrack2 system and reduce the time it takes for your system to be up and running. With our custom-configuration capability, users can also tailor the system installation to accommodate most management and technical requirements. Need something special or have a suggestion for an improvement? The engineers at Prime Technologies are ready to work with you to enhance DPCTrack2’s already incomparable functionality.


Prime Technologies offers private training classes with a certified instructor. Plus, each class can be tailored to meet your specific needs. All courses are hands-on and encourage the active participation of the attendees to help ensure your organization’s success.

Examples of Prime Technologies training programs include:

  • DPCTrack2 or ProCalV5 Generic Outline Training
  • Pre-Project Seminar and Key User Training
  • Project Staff Training
  • Validation Tester Training
  • Report Writer Training
  • CMS Specific Outline End-User Training
  • System Administrator Training
  • Technician Training
  • Read-Only User Training
  • Manager/Approver Training
  • Train the Trainer or Super User Training