Whether you schedule 200 or 2,000+ calibrations per year, Fluke’s DPCTrack2 calibration management software will save you time and assure data integrity by tapping into your Fluke handheld’s documenting features.

Using a labor-intensive, manual pen-and-paper system steals valuable resources and wastes time. And there’s also a high probability for measurement errors.

With DPCTrack2, calibration time drops by 50% or more. Work assignments and calibration results are automatically transferred to and from the Fluke calibrator via a USB or COM connection.

Even if you are already using calibration management software, you stand to gain time and improve productivity by switching to DPCTrack2.

Benefits over a Paper System
Go paperless and get results, not headaches. Point by point, here is how DPCTrack2 compares:


Benefits over Other Calibration Software
Fully leverage the efficiency and accuracy of your Fluke DPC. Fluke DPCTrack2 calibration management software supports the entire range of Fluke DPC 743B, 744 and 754 functionality.


Updates from DPCTrack2
To ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems, DPCTrack2 is the best path forward for upgrading your DPC/TRACK 1.0 or 1.1 system.

Fluke DPCTrack2 offers many advantages over DPC/TRACK. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Easily imports all your DPC/TRACK exported data files into DPCTrack2
  • Supports Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista™, Windows 7
  • Easier to use with a multi-window interface
  • Supports HART PV measure and Drywell source features of 744 and 754 DPC calibrators
  • Improved multi-COM port support
  • Communicates with your Fluke DPCs easily and without configuration file changes
  • Easily upgradable to ProCalV5 software